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Choosing music to play

Click "Play Directory" in the "File" menu to choose a directory. GSSMP will start playing the first file it finds in there. If you'd like to play a specific file, click "Play File".

Click Next or Previous to change tracks, Pause to pause, and drag the slider to skip around.

Continuing recent tracks

Tracks you have played recently are shown on the "Recent" menu. Click one to continue where you left off.

Playing modes

To choose shuffle mode, select "Shuffle" from the "Mode" menu. This plays the tracks inside your chosen directory, in random order.

To repeat the chosen track over and over, choose "Repeat One".

The other two "Mode" options play the tracks in your chosen directory in alphabetical order of their filenames. "Repeat All" starts again at the beginning when it has finished, and "No Repeat" just stops when it gets to the end.

Tracks play in alphabetical order of filename

Because it plays tracks in alphabetical order of filename, GSSMP works best with music albums when tracks have filenames with their track number first e.g. "03 - Working_for_the_Man.ogg" so it's best to rip your tracks in this format if you can. If this causes you major problems, email the developers' list and someone should be able to knock up a script for you that renames all your tracks automatically.

Keyboard shortcuts

Play/Pause - Space

Next - Ctrl-Right or Page Down

Previous - Ctrl-Left or Page Up

Submitting track information to last.fm

last.fm is a web site that collects statistics about the music you and others are playing and recommends music you might be interested in. If you want to get GSSMP to submit information about what tracks you are playing, go to the "Tools" menu and click "last.fm". If you have the lastfmsubmitd and lastfmsubmit programs installed, the checkbox should be enabled and you can just click it to turn on track information submission. If not, you will need to follow the instructions on how to install lastfmsubmitd.

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